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Why Choose Premier Models Male Escorts


Whether you’re a girl or a guy, hiring a male escort is a daunting task. Especially when you want to guarantee a quality service if you know what we mean? Here at Premier Models Male Escorts, however, we know that despite there being so many different agencies to choose from, the majority want us. Yes, you could quickly pay a fraction of the cost with a lesser-known agency or an independent male escort. But don’t forget, there’s a reason we’re so popular. Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons our clients choose our London based male escorts.

The Best Male Escorts In London


We Offer A Professional Service – did you know male escorts associated with an escort agency are usually far more professional in their service. Rest assured that here at Premier Escorts, we ensure our entire agency runs in the most professional manner possible. From our team behind the telephones to every one of our escorts, you can rely on a professional level of service that you won’t find with cheaper agencies and independent escorts.

 Background Checks On All Escorts – without the reassurance of an agency behind them, your male escort could essentially be anyone. Thankfully, here at Premier Models Male Escorts, we carry out background and health checks on all of our male escorts. You get the reassurance that the male escort you’re hiring from our website is the one you read about too; From age to height, measurements and origin.


 Different Packages Available – once again, an independent escort offers only the services they want to, when they want to. Here at Premier Models, however, we hire specific male London escorts to provide particular services. You choose the type of companion you want, and that’s precisely what you get.

 Security – with background checks and regular health checks, you get the security of knowing you’re in safe hands with any one of our male escorts. The same can’t be said for independent escorts who choose whether or not to have regular health checks. With Premier Models, you can enjoy the companionship of a male escort discreetly and safely every time.

 Wide Variety – we know that everyone’s taste differs. From tall, short, muscular and slim, we represent a wide range of male escorts to please everyone. Not to mention, offer a wide range of services too. This means you get a broader choice in not only the men available but the services they’ll provide you with also. From duo escorts to eastern European.

Choose Premier Models Male Escorts

If you’re looking for security, variety, quality escorts and of course, fantastic customer service, we suggest you take a look at our amazing gents today. There’s a reason so many people choose our agency but why not find out for yourself? Call 07500 200 600 today.





Why Are Premier Male Escorts the Best in London?


Look, we're biased. Of course we think our male escorts make the best companions. But we don't want you to just take our word for it! We've been asking our satisfied customers to tell us just why they book with Premier Male Escorts time and time again. 

Then (because we're a helpful bunch), we've turned their reasons into a list of the top 5 reasons why Premier Male Escorts are the best!


Hung Male Escort CarltonOur Guys Never Clock Watch

Perhaps the most important reasons for most of our clientele, they all agreed that our roster of sexy lads never clock-watch. For the uninitiated, this is when an escort is looking for your hour together to be up. It spoils the mood, destroys the connection and is frankly rude. However, you can rest assured that our fellas will be with you one hundred percent, there to enjoy your time together fully!


They're Always On Time

Look, escorts that aren't on time are not in the business long. People get tired of their tardiness, they don't get referred on by the agency and eventually the calls dry up. But at Premier Male Escorts, we have a hardcore team of timekeepers. Boys that understand where you want them and when, and make that happen. Otherwise they wouldn't be with us. It's that simple...


They're Recommended!

Ok, we need to take credit for this one ??

When you come and book one of our guys. Whether it's a straight, bisexual or gay escort, we always take the time to recommend a guy that suits you and your needs. Of course this goes further than sexual preference. We endeavour to recommend guys to you based on the precise services you are looking for and the feedback you have given us in the past. Yes, we do remember you!


They're, "Goddamn Sexy"Claudio Wet Tshirt Male Escort London

And that's a direct quote! 

To be a Premier Male Escort there are not many requirements really. We don't check A'level results - though, of course they're pretty well schooled in this department ??. No, it doesn't matter what their background is. Whether they've undertaken charity work in the past. What we need to know is are you hot and will our clients want to see you naked. Of course, we vet all of our escorts for fluency in English, and to see whether they will be compatible with you. But first of all, they need to have some hot buns and a big thick cock! Ain't that right?!


They're Openminded!

The thing about the guys we recommend is that they're here to please you. They want to make sure you book with them and us again after all! So they're keen to impress. That means that they're open to your requests. Whether you want a strong, buff escort to hold you tenderly throughout the night, or to watch as one of our hung escorts ploughs your partner... How gentle, or how rough you want it is up to you...


So there you have it! The top 5 reasons to book one of our Premier Male Escorts! They're pretty good reasons, even if we do say so ourselves. Fancy a gander at our rock hard rompers? Check our our newest male escorts in London here.




Pulse, Gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, United States


On June 12, 2016, a mindless shooting happened inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States. Fifty innocent gay people enjoying the freedom to express themselves died, Orlando police killed the gunman, after a three-hour standoff. An additional 53 people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) were injured. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in the U.S., and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in that country. The attack was widely denounced both as an act of terrorism and a hate crime against gay people.

Here at Male London Escorts we would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of all the victims and to remind everyone that this was a homophobic terrorist attack on LGBT people and not a religious  attack as some mainstream media would like to portray it as. 




Londons Hottest Gay Boy Escorts


London, as we all know, is a hive of activity. A place where you can find everything you want and anyone to do it with. Thankfully we're also gifted with the largest population of gay boy escorts here to get as nasty as they can!


Even more thankfully, we have a great deal of these naughty young boys at male London escorts - just navigate through our galleries to find some of the filthiest teen asses in town!


But before you do, take a look at some of our top recommended young gay escorts here and see if anyone wets your appetite. 


Young Boy Gay Escort Raphael










Young Boy Escort Raphael




A tight little teen, 19 year old Raphael is a seriously sexy young boy who just adores older men!




Learning from your experience, he loves to be submissive and lives to please you as best he can. 




With a small little ass, seeing his tight little trunks is absolutely mind blowing. 










Gay Boy Escort Alessandro










Italian Gay Boy Escort Alessandro




A young Italian, Alessandro is a tall boy escort whose supple skin and soft lips are ever so delicate to the touch.




Perfect for dinner dates in London, you will really want to get Alessandro behind closed doors to experience the best of what he has to offer.




For in-calls in Bayswater, west London, young Alessandro is a horny young guy with a 8" endowment...











Young Boy Escort Diego










Twink Boy Escort Diego




One of London's most famous boy escorts, Diego is a super star in his own right, with one of the finest little man asses you will ever see.




Living up to his youthful visage, you will be captivated by this sexy young boy's little butt and his 8" endowment.




For in-calls with this hot little lad Lancaster Gate or out-calls across London, give us a call.










Gay Boy Escort Renan












Teen Boy Escort Renan




Cute butts galore - Renan certainly has one of the cutest asses we've ever seen!



A young gay boy, he loves offering threesome services with his friend Diego, as well as transsexual escort Suzanna Holms.



Truly cute, you can see that naughty little glint in his eyes - he definitely means business and have you stripped down within a matter of seconds!










Teen Gay Boy Escort Nathan








Petite Rent Boy Escort Nathan



Now there's Nathan. Oh, Nathan. What a naughty boy he is indeed!



A young, petite Brazilian with a ripped body, he loves to be at your disposal - giving you everything that you could ask of him and so much more!



With a thick little package tucked into his teeny tiny pants, your eyes will be bulging when you clamp your eyes on his beautiful bulge!






Click here for more: 

young gay escorts




The Hottest Twink Escorts London


At Male London Escorts we have had an influx of some of the naughtiest young men recently. From hot and horny Brazilian studs to effeminate little twinks, they're all here to milk you till you're dehydrated and collapse a sweaty mess on ruffled bed sheets.


If you're into your younger boys then you'll want to check out our twink escorts - young men with tight little bottoms you'll never want to leave!


Twink Escorts London 


Young Blonde Twink Escort Alessandro


Our young blonde, 19 year old Twink Alessandro is a cute little thing - but don't let that fool you, he's a top who delights in having you take a pounding. With his sexy Italian accent and soft, wet lips he provides incalls in Baywaster, but will travel to wherever you are in London.


Young Twink Boy Escort Nathan in London


One of our most popular twinks, Nathan is a horny young Brazilian rent boy based in Marylebone. Slim and slender, but with a rock hard body and rock hard cock, Nathan is a versatile guy with a 8 inch endowment. He's truly a naughty little boy and must be seen to be believed!


Gay Twink Escort Diego in London


Another fan favourite, Diego is a very busy little boy and with a body like his it's no surprise! A hairless young 19 year old, his 8 inch cock and innocent look make him a truly exceptional twink escort. He loves dressing up in little tight panties, sports clothes and even cross dressing - he just wants to please his daddy the best he can...


 Brazilian Twink Diego


London Twink Escort Angelo Fox


One of London's most well known escorts, Angelo Fox is a twink rent boy superstar! A Brazilian boy with a completely unique look, his soft pale skin, tattoos and red hair all combine to make a stunning young lad you simply won't be able to take your eyes off. With a huge, throbbing 8' candy stick, you'll be licking for hours - delighting in our young man's cute white ass!


Male Escort Angelo Fox


Young Sportswear Twink Escort RenanYoung Twink London Escort Renan


Asses don't come cuter than the one you'll find on Renan! A perfectly peachy little butt, our veratile 19 year old twink is eager to please you however he can. Switching from top to bottom, just tell him what you want to do and he'll be more than happy to comply!


Young Male Escort Renan


Brazilian Twink Escort Ygor in Central LondonPetite Twink Escort Ygor From Brazil


Ygor's look is completely unique. Another little Brazilian boy eager to please his papi, his captivating eyes and rock hard body make this little twink and real crowd pleaser. He's ever so passionate and sensitive and wants you to be able to live out all your naughty thoughts with him... Just check out his profile here: Young Rent Boy Ygor


Book A Twink Escort Now!


Like the look of one of our twinks? Give us a call and we'll get you a naughty young boy for the night ;)


Or make a booking online with our male escorts reservations page.




Couples Escorts and Threesomes


We have a great deal of clients calling in looking for a hot young male escort for a threesome, it seems people can't get enough of having two people to get really filthy and wild with... and we can't blame them.


Some of the stories we've heard from our escorts have been extremely x-rated and completely off the chain, and we ought not repeat them here!


Thankfully at Male London Escorts we have 2 sister agencies - one a girls only site at Premier Models UK, and the other Shemale Escorts London, where you can find our naughty trannies! As such, if you're looking for a night of truly filth fun, we can offer you an incredible array of naughty women, kinky blokes and wild shemales too!


So when we say we've had some clients booking wild nights, you might be starting to get the picture...


But What Male Threesome Escorts Do We Have?


Well, pretty much every single one of our blokes will be more than up for engaging with you and another one of our escorts - or even with you and your partner too! Whether it's the cuckold escort that you are looking for, or a bisexual bloke to entertain you and your significant other, just check the guy's preference in his profile.


Of course, a lot of our male escorts love to work with our girls and our trannies too! 


Take for example, our gorgeous hunk Tony, who loves working with the naughty petite blonde Yulia!


Hunky Male Escort Tony In LondonYulia Blonde Duo Escort in London


These two know each other really well and are the perfect date for a bisexual punter who fancies a bit of rough with the smooth! 


Or how about our Italian hunk Frederico who loves working with Leticia Bysmarck, Leila Diniz and Roberta Lima!


Hung Italian Male Escort LondonHung Black Tranny Leila Diniz


Just imagine the filthy fun that you could get up to with these two!... There really is no limit with a great deal of our escorts more than happy to work with one another, so if you have an idea for a romp that you'd like to see get in touch with us and we'd be delighted to arrange everything for you.


So let your imagination run wild and bring that fantasy to a reality! There's no greater feeling than have two extremely sexy sexperts taking you to school and teaching you everything that they know! So what are you waiting for?!


Want to see more ladies? Click here for Female Duo Escorts London!




The Gay Escort Experience In London


Looking to book your first gay escort in London, buy unsure what to expect? Well, you're in the right place!


At out male escort agency, we ensure that you are guaranteed only the best guys in town, and are happy to help you however we can! 


So here's out little guide for those of you looking to make your first time booking with a gay escort.


Don't Worry!


You're in safe hands and good company! Booking with our agency ensures a high calibre of service, as opposed to independent bookings, which can often be underwhelming and disappointing! We guarantee that our fellas are all up to the standard we expect.


After all we rely upon having a strong reputation!


Those of you booking for the first time who aren't sure about where you stand, you are paying for the time of one of our fellas - whatever you do during this time is completely up to you two!


Gay Escort Preferences


So you have looked through our galleries and have spied a hot young gay escort that you like the looks of, but want to know whether they are a top or bottom or a bit of both? Well, just check their profiles to see whether they are active, passive or versatile!


If you are confused, you can just drop us an email or call us any time of the day or night in order to ensure you are booking the right fella! We're open 24/7, so we can assure you that there will be someone ready to take your call whenever the urge takes you!


Whether you are a twink or a dom, we have a wealth of blokes who can indulge you in all your individual preferences, and who will be delighted to bring a whole world of fantasy to reality!


Dinner Dates With A Gay Escort


We have hot men who are available for strictly male companionship services, so if you're travelling in town or just want company for a dinner date or event, any of our fellas can be booked to make sure you're not left alone in the city! 


Hung Gay Escort Dante Mixed Race


In-Calls With A Gay Escort


If you're looking for something a little more frisky, you can come visit our gay male escorts at their private residence for a night of filthy fun and fantasy. If you're looking for a big black bull like Dante to take control, or a little bottom like Nathan for you to use, you can have a 30 minute quickie, and hour long romp or a whole overnight to get to know them inside and out!


Did we answer and questions you have for booking your male escort for the first time? If not, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have!




Male Escorts For Cuckold Fantasy


One of the most taboo sexual fantasies out there, the cuckold fantasy is extremely common and we often get calls from couples who are looking for a young stud to come and use and abuse the wife whilst the husband watches on unable to interfere.


On the surface this seems like a morbid fantasy that ought to destroy a relationship, but the dynamic is fairly simple when you look at it. 


Why Is The Cuckold Fantasy So Common?


Well, it's not that common, and is mostly present in relationships between those in their middle ages - those around 40-50. The simple explanation for this is that whilst a man's sexual virility diminishes around this age, the woman's sexual appetite and prowess is at its peak. As such, many men may feel emasculated by this, however, those who are more comfortable with their sexual relationship develop fantasies about their woman being satisfied by a younger man.


This is the most important point. The couple have to have a deep and respectful understanding of one another as it is an incredibly intimate experience that, for many, can be overwhelming and cause a real rupture between the married couple. 


Those who completely understand one another can allow themselves to explore the emancipating experience of the cuckold fantasy. Often a taboo topic that most people will be too afraid to speak about, the privacy of the fantsy only seeks to heighten the allure, arousal and pleasure.


In those couples who explore their cuckold fantasy in real life, the man shows his true devotion to his wife and the boundaries he is willing to overcome in order to make sure she is sexually fulfilled. 


How To Find A Man For Cuckold Experience In London


There are many avenues that couples can explore in order to find a man that will make this fantasy a reality, but most are best avoided. Whilst there are many horny men online that will advertise their ability to sleep with women, it is very unlikely that you will find someone who can respect your boundaries and the intimacy of the situation.


This doesn't mean that it needs to be a totally tender experience and, depending on what you want, it can be so much more than that.


If you're lucky you may find a stranger in a bar that will help out, but this is as common as winning the lottery.


The other option is to bring someone else that you know into the relationship, but this has been known to cause a great deal of issues.


So what's the best way to explore the cuckold fantasy?


The answer is simple!


Hire A Male Escort For Cuckold Fantasy In London


The best solution for your cuckold threesome is to hire a professional male escort who knows exactly how to conduct himself. These professional and highly skilled men will take their time to understand how they can help you and are guaranteed to be able to perform on the night!


Plus, with a whole host of guys to choose from you can find the right man that you are comfortable bringing in, as well as reading reviews so that you can be sure that you are making the right decision.


Just take a look at some of the following hot fellas and see where your imagination can take you...



Our Black Bull Hung Stud Thyrone


This hot, hung black stud specialises in interracial cuckold relationships. He is a gentleman, a scholar and, well, hot as all hell!


Black Bull Male Escort ThyroneHung Ebony Male Escort Thyrone



Hung Mixed Race Escort Dante


This guy is just wonderful. A real gentleman, and with a body and a face that will have you giddy. He's gorgeous, friendly, respectful and so so so so so hot!


Mixed Race Male Escort From BrazilHung Black Cuckold Escort Dante



Gorgeous Six Packed Tony In Central London


Tony is a knock out. Ten outta ten, he's gorgeous, ripped and sexy as anything. A heterosexual escort in central London, you will fall in love! He's a friendly young chap with a body that puts everyone else to shame!


Hot White Male Escort For CuckoldSexy White Boy Cuckold Escort


Interested in booking a date with a male cuckold escort London? Give us a call on 07500200600 or email us on!!




Hiring New Male Escorts In London


As the new year kicks off, we're looking to expand our already burgeoning bulge of bicep rippling beauts at Male Escorts London. That means we might well be looking for you! Are you a hot and horny guy that loves to get down with some of the naughtiest guys and girls in the city? Does anything drive you wilder than the thought of meeting a complete stranger and getting yourself stuck into their every orifice?


Well, it should do, and if not what are you doing here?


We are looking for both straight, gay and bisexual escorts who are friendly and know how to conduct themselves around our clients! Experience isn't necessary but you will need to be screened in order to ensure that you are representative of our agency!


So What Do You Need To Do To Become A Male Escort?


It's really rather straight forward. Go over to our employment page and fill in our forms! It's that simple!


Well, not exactly that simple. You will need to have some professional (or at least semi-pro) photos taken too - our naughty clients need to see all sides of you so make sure that you get a good shot of everything that you have to offer them! You know what we mean! Get that cock out and get it hard!


What Are The Next Stages When You Sign Up?


If we decide that you are representative of the calibre that our agency provide then we will be in touch with you in order to ensure that everything has come through correctly and let you know how it works! Pretty soon thereafter you will find yourself on our website with our clients' lips being licked over your tight body! What's not to love about that!


How Do You Get Paid As A Male Escort At A Male Escort Agency?


You get to set your own rate and we will take a commission off of every booking that we make for you! Straight forward, isn't it?


So if this sounds like something for you, don't hesitate to get in touch! We are always on the look out for great new gay, straight and bisexual male talent in London!

So Either give us a call on 07500 200 600 or contact us through our male escort employment form here! Good luck ;)






Our Newest Male Escorts In London


Our male escot agency in London has been really busy recently, not least with some bookings from you lovely guys and girls, but also because of our new additions to those sexy hunks on our books. We've been lucky enought to be contacted by some of London's sexiest hunks who have wanted to join the rest of our guys in professional male companionship!


So without any further ado, let's introduce you to a few of those hot new guys so you can choose which one you'd like to be taking home with you this weekend!



Young Gay Escort Boy











Young Latino Escort Malfoy


Who doesn't love a hot young Brazilian in the morning? Or the evening... or the afternoon for that matter...


If you're looking for a bi-sexual young male escort in Bayswater, then look no further. This young gentleman is full of vim and spunk, a hot piece of ass with an athletic figure that can keep going for hours!


Enthusiastic, eager to please, full lipped and with an ass that you will want to dig your fingernails into, Malfoy has an 8" endowment and more energy than you could possibly require! A versatile bisexual bloke, he's up for absolutely anything.













VWE Black Male Escort Thyrone











Black French Male Escort in London


This guy is like everyboy's wet dream. A hung black hunk from France, here in London to treat both men and women to his insatiable appetite.


With a big, thick 9" endowment and a body marbled with the best muscles you'll see you will trace the outline of his figure for hours, lost in his phenomenal figure.


Complete with a sexy french accent, he's the ideal male dinner date companion. Classy, demure, debonaire, intelligent and sexy. He's the full package (and with a real package too!)














Latino Muscular Bisexual Escort










Muscular Latino Male Escort


Muscle bound, ripped and with a libido that is unrivalled, Valentino is a Brazilian male escort in London that simply loves sex.


A hot, horny bloke that loves men, women, shemales, and more importantly all three at the same time - he's here to explore all of your fantasies and make your darkest desires come to reality.


Based in Baywater, this Latin lover can find exactly what will satisfy your needs, an attentive and smart male escort, he thrives on figuring you out and discovering how he can please you.









To book any of our male escorts call us on 07500 200 600 and have a weekend that you won't forget!




Gay Male On Male Massage


At Male London Escorts we have some of the city's best gay massage talent available for full bodied relaxing and stimulating massage therapies and treatments. Whether you simply want a gentle therapy for relaxation, or a sports therapy service, our male to male masseurs will always ensure that you leave completely satisfied!


If you want to book a gay massage with one of our London escorts then please let us know before the booking so we can make sure everything is arranged for your arrival.


What Kind Of Male On Male Massage Services Are Available?


Our male massage therapists offer a wide variety of services so, for those of you who just want a quiet and calming treatment on your lunch break in the city, or those who want a more full on naked body to body massage, we will have something to please everyone!


Types of massage treatments available:


  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Swedish Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Sports Therapy/Physio Massage
  • Nude Body to Body Massage
  • Hot Oil Massage
  • NURU Massage


Our hot fellas are specially trained, with years of experience providing some of the best male massage therapies in London! They can always provide a variety of massages too, so you do not need to simply purchase a whole hour of physio massage, if you want to also experience a body to body service as well.


What Is Male Nuru Massage?


Involving a special kind of seaweed gel, also known as Nuru Gel, Nuru massage is what we call a 'body gliding' therapy. Your therapist will first of all get you to strip down until you are totally nude. Laying you down on the table, he will make sure you are totally relaxed. He will then cover you from head to toe in the comforting and tingling gel, which has a truly wonderful sensation. 


The masseuse will then get on top of you and perform a fully nude body to body massage, rubbing himself both hard and soft against you! Want to know more or book a Gay Nuru Massage? Dan Is the man to speak to!


Male Escort Dan Gay Nuru Massage Expert


Booking Your Male To Male Massage 


Well, it couldn't be much simpler. Browse through our gallery of stunning guys and find the one that you like. When you've found one of our hot guys that takes your fancy all you need to do is get on the phone and give us a call! Just let us know who you would like to see, for what service and whether you want him to come to you, or for you to go to him. In most male massage services it's easier for you to go to them as they will have the equipment already. Though, of course, out-calls are absolutely welcome!


Please bear in mind that our therapists are often busy, and same day bookings may not always be available! So if you want to make a booking in advance don't hesitate!


Likewise, you can make a booking through using our reservation form!


If you have any further questions about our male to male massage therapy services or any of our other male escorts then please get in touch! We are open 24/7 and are always happy to accept your call!




Dominant Male Escorts in London


Are you looking for a gay male escort that can dominate you, make you his slave for the night, or just own you and your body for the hour?


Then look no further. At Male London Escorts, we have some of the biggest tops in town, just waiting to pounce on you!


Our dominant men are highly skilled, trained in the art of BDSM. They know how to push you to your limits and bring you back again, how to tie you up and use you for their own pleasure. They take great joy in finding a passive or submissive man who wants to yield control to them.


Of course, everything will be taken at your own pace. Our male escorts will speak with you beforehand in order to get an understanding of the level of domination you wish to experience and establish safety words to put your mind at ease. 


If it's your first time, let your man know and he will break you in slowly. Let yourself gently drift into your submissive fantasies and feel the blissful relief of achieving true satisfaction!


For those of you who are more experienced and know precisely what you want, then let it be said that our guys will really take the reigns and pull them tight.


Just to give you an idea, here are some of the true submissive pleasures you can experience when you book a date with one of our hunks:


  • The sweet warm wave of a golden shower (either to body, face or mouth)
  • The mindblowing, stomach dropping experience of fisting
  • Being tied, either rough with ropes, or simply restrained
  • Spanking, hard, soft, extreme. Our guys can use whips, paddles and more to punish you naughty boys!
  • Like being a toy for your dominant master? Let him use his toys on you then!


There are so many different ways you can explore your dominant and submissive relationship with your male escort, it would be almost impossible to list them all her, but let that grab your imagination and run with it.


Our top guys are always keen to explore even more fantasies, and of course one service doesn't preclude the other. No, you can have them all in a hard, well hung package.


There's the added bonus of the true roleplay experience too. So if you want to be treated like a naughty choir boy, scalded like a convict on the wrong end of the law, or dressed as a woman and humiliated like the sissy slave that you are, just let us know when you're making your booking so that we can ensure all of your needs are catered for upon your arrival.


Of course, you can book an in-call or an out-call with any of our male escorts, so if you have a collection of toys that you want to use, outfits you'd like to play with, be our guest! 


There is nothing like having your sexuality explored by a dominant master. Having your control taken away from you and your fantasies played out. There is no relief like realising your true nature and giving yourself into it completely.


So if you're ready and willing, get in touch and we'll begin preparations for your date with one of our hung top male escorts in London!


Top Dominant Male escorts in London Vincent




How to Book a Male Escort in London


It can be a fairly daunting prospect - booking a male companion in London. We often get a lot of guys and girls who call us up and worry about the whole thing, and think that we are going to be some kind of bad guys who are scary to talk to.


The truth couldn't be further from this!

We are a friendly and welcoming team who are here to help you through every step of the way. We want to make your experience with our male escorts as enjoyable as possible and we want you to know that whatever you need, we will do for you!


So just follow our advice and you get yourself ready for the ride of a lifetime:



Choosing a Male Escort



The first step to take is to find a man that is right for you. This can be a big a little hard to do when you are new to the business, but each of our guys are separated out into niches to help you find the right man. 

Male London Escort Guide






This little guide we have here on the side of our pages gives you all the information you need to know about the kind of guy you can find on our site.


Whether you are looking for a homosexual male escort, or a heterosexual male escort, you will find links to these directories here.


We also have a whole other host of guys from our 'ebony males' to our Latino lovers, so whatever niche you are looking for you can find them here.


We also have other terms like Passive and Versatile, which denote whether this male companion gives or receives sexually, if you wanted to know. 


For all other terminology, please visit our guide to terms here.








Calling a Male Escort Agency



Perhaps the bit most people are afraid of....


We are a 100% discreet male companionship service in London that prides itself on making sure your privacy and discretion are our number one priority. 


Our secondary priority is to make sure you find the right guy, so if you have any questions make sure you ask us them and we will be glad to help. 


Don't worry about being embarrassed, trust me, we've heard it alllllllll before!

What Will I Need to Book?



At this stage, all you need to know is the guy you want and whether you would like an in-call or out-call (i.e. whether you want to go to see your male escort, or have them come to you).


It really is that simple!!


Tell us where and when you would like to meet your man and how long for and leave the rest to us... We will arrange for our sexy hunk to arrange everything else. 



How To Prepare for a Date with a Male Escort



There aren't many things you really must do, but there are certain things that you can do in order to make the date a lot better.


One thing that is VERY important is to make sure you have good hygeine. Our guys will turn up looking like a million dollars and they don't want to waste all of their time  turning up to see someone who hasn't showered in a week!


Make sure you groom yourself, trim yourself down too and make sure you're clean down stairs!! There is no worse turn off!!


The guy will expecy you to pay him when you meet*. As such, if you're sorting it out in cash, please get everything ready at this time so that you can get on with your time together with ease. 


Finally RELAX and get yourself into the spirit. You're going to have a really fun experience and you don't want to be all tense and nervous. If you are, however, then our hot male companion will take care of you, giving you a slow massage with his strong hands to make sure you're all stress free.


By Lexy Jones





*All money exchanged is for time spent together.




Gay Culture Representation In Rap


Whilst there's often a great deal of profanity uttered about 'gays' and 'homosexuals' in most rap songs, often used as a derogatory slur to rival rappers or what not, there's really very little championing homosexual culture in rap music. 


So we thought we would showcase some of our favourite artists that stand up for and represent gay rights and culture!


First off we have the glamorously trashy Cazwell, an American rapper whose taken it upon himself to champion gay rights as well as to simply discuss gay culture as openly as he can through his music. In fact it's probably his brazen attitude towards speaking openly about homosexual relations that is the most corageous. Below you can watch the video for his naughty and tongue in cheek hit "All Over Your Face" featuring Amanda Lepore



Next up is Cakes Da Killa. A rapper with a very distinctive style, whose personality is as out there as you can find them. Cakes is a rapper that really demonstrates the progressiveness of gay culture into mainstream rap music. Becoming increasingly popular by the day, he is a real rolemodel and it doesn't hurt that he's a cute bottom ;)


Gay London Culture Rapper Cakes Da Killer


Finally we have Nicky Da B. Out and Out, Nicky is extemely proud of his sexuality and not afraid to show it. With some trashy sexy clips in his videos as well as a with really catchy hooks and lyrics, Nicky raps over hard house [the harder the better ;)], and wow he goes in fierce! A really sexy dude this music will keep you pumping all night long! Check out the video for 'Go Loko' below. (warning, may cause seizures - seriously!)





Uganda Gay Porn Consumption


Uganda Evil Homosexuals



It's a funny world. Announced this week, Uganda is one of the world's greatest consumers of gay porn, this is all despite the fact that they have some incredibly strict anti-gay laws. 


Not too long ago the Ugandan parliament passed a bill that made being gay punishable by life in prison! LIFE. IN. PRISON. For being gay. It's beyond ridiculous. 


In a recent article in the Guardian it was revealed that Uganda ranked third in the poll of most gay porn searches per capita, conducted by Google. It places just behind Kenya and Pakistan.


So it seems as if the repressive nature of these countries is doing nothing whatsoever to actually change the attitudes of its citizens towards their sexuality. 


What we are seeing instead is a flourishing community of gay and simply curious people, who are turning to the freedom of the internet in order to express and indulge in their sexuality. 


In this day and age it's simply insane that we are still living on a planet that chastises and punishes those whose sexuality isn't heteronormative. Why do people still insist that because they aren't a certain way, that way is wrong and immoral?


We need to raise awareness of this fact and spread the love, so that we can stop the hate. 


Please share this blog post so more people can be aware of the ridiculous travesty that is going on in Uganda! Hopefully the government won't take it upon themselves to somehow outlaw gay porn too... I mean, guys, we need to see some skin every now and then!




Bisexual Male Escort Threesome Experience


Whilst some of our guys are simply straight, some of them down right gay, we also have quite a few our our hunky fellas that are bisexual and love to swing both ways!


This week we spoke to one of our horny fellas, Brad to get him to dish the dirt on a date he had with a married couple last week!


Macho Bisexual Male Escort Edgware Road


A super hunk, Brad clearly takes care of himself and has a really quite large endowment as you might be able to see ;)


Well we had a woman ring up last week that wanted to spend time with a VWE male escort with her husband and so she asked for a bisexual guy that she could book for an in-call. We recommended Brad because he's one of our most popular and suggested she book a couple of hours with him!


So Brad turned up to the door, suited and booted, of their central london apartment. A real beautiful Victorian building he was taken aback when a stunning MILF came to the door in a tight black dress and deeply rouged lips. She asked for him to come in and took his coat.


Inside she had dinner cooking away and she told him to take a seat in the living room, whilst she got the rest of the dinner ready. After she sat him down, she turned and walked away to reveal that her dress was pulled up and she was wearing no panties, just a buttplug hanging out!


Needless to say, Brad was surprised to see this high class lady dressed like that! Second later he heard her calling from the kitchen, so he went to her aid.


She was standing on top of a chair her legs spread open, trying to grab a large box from the top of the shelf. As Brad helped her, she pushed her ass into his face before profusely apologising...


Brad, always keen to impress his female clients, took it in his stride and helped her down from the chair. She smiled cutely and with seductive eyes told Brad to go through to the dining room, and that she would be along shortly with the food. 


As he sat down at the table, his eyes were drawn to the corner of the room. A man was tied up with a ball gag in his mouth watching Brad sit.


Just as Brad was about to say something the lady of the house came back in and told him, "don't talk to him, he's being punished. I want you to focus on me." 


She placed a plate of King Prawns down in front of him, then proceeded to sit with her legs wide open, heels on the table. She lit a cigarette and watched as Brad's face contorted from glee to confusion. Then, with smoke billowing from her mouth, she spoke,

"You know, perhaps we can just skip to dessert. Come to me..."


She kissed at the air and Brad stood, unable to resist her magnetic charm... 


Part 2 to continue next week!




Con Man Jailed After Cheque To London Male Escort Bounces


A Harrow School educated con-man has been sentenced to two years in jail after a cheque he wrote to a gay male escort in London bounced.


The cheque for £11,000 was to cover the young man's Masters tuition fees, but when the student went to pay his Uni, they bounced, alerting the authorities and the University to what had been going on. A further cheque for £5,000 for the male escort's personal services also bounced, leaving him with some hefty late fees at his agency.


This wasn't the only time that the 43 year-old from Anglesey in Wales had used his powers of pursuasion in order to bed an unsuspecting young man. 


When done with his student, Michael Goldsmith went on to use Gay Dating mobile phone applications such as Grindr and Hello Boys in order to seduce further gay escorts. He would promise them money and riches, and the gullible lads would swallow the bait whole. 


On one such occassion he coerced two young men to come and visit him in a hotel room, where he said he would pay them to bang each other and let him watch. Well, they did the dirty, but the Welsh conman just leaft without paying, leaving the two with egg, and we at Male London Escort, assume a lot more on their faces!


In a text message to the two afterwards, the rather explicit arse offered this by way of an excuse:


"Why should I pay you and that dickhead. You were crap anyway."

Following it with:


"Learn by your mistake, you never know who you might meet out there."


A lesson I'm sure he's grateful for.


Though that may have been insult enough, in court, the judge quoffed at the prosecution stating that it beggar's belief that these men could trust the defendent to pay them money at all, and that they were extremely stupid in their acceptance of payment by cheque. 


Jailed for two years we can only imagine that Mr. Goldsmith will spend that time coming up with a more elaborate con, as, although this one worked, it's certainly a little dated. One thing that we can assue you of, however, is that our London Male Escort Agency doesn not accept cheques!




Male Brazilian Escorts In London For Notting Hill Carnival


Brazilian Macho Male Escort Brad An Bisexual Active Call Boy In LondonThe sun has managed to stay out for a day and the Carnival is in full flow. The streets of West London are once again flooded by revellers looking to break down the monotony of grey concrete and build a statue to the gods of party!


With the land around Notting Hill being drenched in the sights and sounds of Latin America, we thought we would speak to one of our Brazilian callboys to see how London's festival compares to Rio's incarnation. So who better than our new Latin male escort Brad to enlighten us?


Speaking to him in his luxury apartment in Edgware road, Brad reveals that he spent yesterday at the carnival soaking up the culture. "It was weird for me to see all this Brazilian culture in the streets of London. It was nice to see, but it doesn't compare to the actual carnival in Rio. That place is just crazy!"


Though he does tell me that he did find one way to enjoy the festivities. As a Bisexual Active Male escort, Brad tells me he found a couple that were looking for a kinky new thrill. The lady, in her 30's, approached him asking whether he might be interested in coming back to her apartment, whispering in his ear as she pushed her body up close to him. 


Ever the hedonist, Brad couldn't help but agree and he found himself in a house in Ladbrook Grove with a beer in his hand and a woman's hand down his pants! Her husband not wanting to be left out had his hand down their too, and they were mutually surprised by his 9.5" endowment, both able to get their hands around it at the same time!


Brad was in his element and as the husband's mouth went south, his wife pushed his head down to take it all. Nothing hotter than having a woman dominate her husband and forcing him down on another man. Brad then took it in turns dominating the both of them, switching from one to the other as they lay on top of one another. Eventually he finished and they both shared the load. A successful carnival, he says - and he can't wait until next year!




Wilker Loves Making Love


Young Male Escort In London Wilker Is A Brazillian 19 y.o Call BoySomeone has turned the temperature dial up in London and everyone's sweating again and baying for a G&T. The tubes are stifling and everyone wants out. Well, I can tell you something, it's not as hot as it is in this room right now as I sit opposite the indesputably sexy fireball Wilker, our teen male escort


As he sits here in skin tight vest and tight little white pants he excuses himself for not having time to get dressed. I clearly blush and he winks at me. One thing you've got to understand is that even though he's a petite male escort, he has an impressive bulge hidden in those pants, practically ripping at the seams. 


Seemingly in cheeky spirits he spreads his legs and stretches his arms back across the top of the sofa as we speak. 


With a wink he asks what I want to know. (So suggestive!)


I ask, a lump in my throat, what he especially likes to do with his clients. Enthused in a way that I've never seen before he speaks with a real passion and confesses that he sees himself as a 'love maker'. 


Speaking of his what he prefers he says that many male escorts rush their services, want to get it over and done with, but Wilker likes to get to know the person. He loves to create a personal experience for his clients, making them feel relaxed and at ease with him so that they open up. An intelligent young man, Wilker has a lot to talk about and loves to intimately connect with those guys that he meets.


When I ask why he laughs shortly, professing that when they are relaxed their senses are more open to stimulation. He wants to channel his passion into his partner and make them feel sexual extacy, which he claims one can only experience from making love...


Now, I don't know if this is gospel, but I can tell you leaving Wilker's appartment after this I wanted to come back an visit him again. Something about his slender physique, his way with words and his exuberant confidence charmed me!




Leonardo Our Hot Escort Of The Month


Hot Latino Male Escort In London Leonardo

Ouch! Just looking that those chiseled rock hard muscles is enough to get anyone in the mood! Let us introduce you to our cheeky playboy Leonardo - our new model of the month.


At 5'8'', our petite male escort Leo has become our most requested guy in July with bookings almost every day. Couple with 100% client satisfaction we couldn't help but promote him to our monthly model.


A fun loving Latino escort from Brazil, Leonardo is a joy to be around. With a twinkle in his eyes, he loves to learn from meeting new people and trying out new experiences. He says that life is a constant lesson, and we're all pupils. Well read and fluent in both English and Portugese, Leo is no dunce and can hold down a conversation, loving to talk about travelling and culture.


Though that's not all that Leo has to offer. Just check out the pics on his profile to see that he loves to take care of his physique. Visiting the gym at least 4 times a week, his body looks like a work of art carved out of marble by his namesake Da Vinci. 


So if you want to meet a cheeky escort chap that can not only stimulate you mentally but physically, Leonardo is the one for you! Though don't let his sweet face fool you. Just check out his naughty tattoos and you can see that he has a darker, more mischievous side.


Aside from looking great, Leo trains hard all week so that he can stay hard all night long. A real machine in the bedroom, with those powerful thigh muscles and big strong arms, Leo loves to give and receive. So when arranging a date with this Latin hunk, be prepared to be thrown around, as he loves to mix it up and get wild!





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