Con Man Jailed After Cheque To London Male Escort Bounces


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A Harrow School educated con-man has been sentenced to two years in jail after a cheque he wrote to a gay male escort in London bounced.


The cheque for £11,000 was to cover the young man's Masters tuition fees, but when the student went to pay his Uni, they bounced, alerting the authorities and the University to what had been going on. A further cheque for £5,000 for the male escort's personal services also bounced, leaving him with some hefty late fees at his agency.


This wasn't the only time that the 43 year-old from Anglesey in Wales had used his powers of pursuasion in order to bed an unsuspecting young man. 


When done with his student, Michael Goldsmith went on to use Gay Dating mobile phone applications such as Grindr and Hello Boys in order to seduce further gay escorts. He would promise them money and riches, and the gullible lads would swallow the bait whole. 


On one such occassion he coerced two young men to come and visit him in a hotel room, where he said he would pay them to bang each other and let him watch. Well, they did the dirty, but the Welsh conman just leaft without paying, leaving the two with egg, and we at Male London Escort, assume a lot more on their faces!


In a text message to the two afterwards, the rather explicit arse offered this by way of an excuse:


"Why should I pay you and that dickhead. You were crap anyway."

Following it with:


"Learn by your mistake, you never know who you might meet out there."


A lesson I'm sure he's grateful for.


Though that may have been insult enough, in court, the judge quoffed at the prosecution stating that it beggar's belief that these men could trust the defendent to pay them money at all, and that they were extremely stupid in their acceptance of payment by cheque. 


Jailed for two years we can only imagine that Mr. Goldsmith will spend that time coming up with a more elaborate con, as, although this one worked, it's certainly a little dated. One thing that we can assue you of, however, is that our London Male Escort Agency doesn not accept cheques!



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