Tom Daly Gay Rumours Revealed



Tom Daley Justin Lance Black Gay Revelations 2013We all know him as the sprightly young boy who captivated the nation in the last few years as he took to the world's stage as our Olympic diving hopeful. Full of youthful exuberance and boyish charm it struck a deeply resonant chord in the public's hearts as it was revealed that his father had died of cancer. A long term supporter of his son, Tom Daly's father never got to see him win Bronze last summer in London, though the triumph certainly cemented young Tom as a shinning example of strength and determination.


Even still, it seems as if many people couldn't bring themselves to be happy for Tom, and rumours have been abound for the past few years as to Tom Daly's sexuality. He has been put under constant media scrutiny and has suffered an inestimable tirade of abusive tweets branding him a fag for his camp attitude, and for how damn good he looks in those tight little trunks.


Afraid of the further backlash of abuse that he might suffer for coming out, he spent years denying the fact that he's open to a gay male relationship. That is until a few days ago when he revealed, in a heart-warming video released on his Youtube channel that he was in fact in a relationship with a gay man.


Perhaps not the most startling piece of news to have surfaced in recent times, we can at least be proud of the fact that Tom Daly has taken the courageous step toward coming out, even with the threat of abuse looming over his head.


And that threat transpired into a reality with many indolent fuckwits taking to Twitter in order to brand Tom a "Fag" or variations of puns on his name such as Tom "Takes Dick" Daley. One Tweeter even stated that she was "disgusted that he was representing our nation".


Well, we'd like to take a second here to address this matter. Quite frankly we're disgusted that SHE is representing our nation. We are a country that takes pride in its acceptance of all people and progressive human rights precedents. We are proud to be British, proud to be Gay, proud to be whoever we are and whoever we represent.


At Male London Escorts we obviously are staunch advocates for all LGBT rights and want to see a time when someone coming out as gay isn't even a thing. Perhaps there's a case for Tom Daly stoking the fire by feeling the need to come out, but this is precisely the point. He needs to come out because people still can't accept that Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transsexual people can be, and are, playing important roles in our society, not just on a National level but int he day to day.


Hopefully Tom Daly's revelation can further strengthen the community and demonstrate to people afraid of coming out, or shameful about their sexuality, that they have nothing to worry about, and that even though they may suffer some hate from useless bastards who take to Twitter, those people aren't worth a penny.



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