X Factor Star Christopher Maloney Naked!



No, don't adjust your computers, you read it right! The Liverpudlian crooner best suited to being on a ship out at seas (preferably the Indian sea, just close to Somalia), has got his meat and two veg out for an exclusive shoot in Gay Times magazine.


Clearly not one to get embarrassed, seeing as he got up on stage every Saturday night to be judged by the country for being too Scouse, too boring and far too orange, Chistopher seems to think it was a good idea to reveal all in a series of photos.


We weren't going to, but then we figured you'd all be disappointed, so here's one of the few choice snaps from the magazine below: (!!)


XFactor Christopher Maloney Naked Pics Nude Pix

Hold on tight boys!


He's clearly holding on for dear life! A frankly unsuccessful gay icon, Maloney hasn't really done much with himself since the X-factor, releasing a few bargain bin filler records with his cheesy grin splayed on the cover. 


Maybe we are being too harsh, at least he's done it. He's certainly got some balls, even if we can't see them in that there picture. Though why he did, we just can't be sure. It's not like he's got the bod of our hung gay escort Paco about him:


Paco Brazilian Hung Gay Male Escort Bayswater W2 London


Now, we could stare at that bod for hours and not get bored! Just look at his tight ass, ripped chest and chiseled good looks. This hunky Brazilian could certainly warm you up on a cold winter's night in London, but I'm not sure what Chris could do. Maybe he could just turn on the central heating?


Chris's records have probably been flagging in the charts and with the terrible threat that he might just be bringing out a christmas single, this nude shoot was probably one naive intern's idea to boost his popularity. Well whatever the plan, we're off to bathe our eyes in a collection of Paco's underwear. See you when we've forgotten about that pasty white bottom!



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