Why Are Premier Male Escorts the Best in London?


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Look, we're biased. Of course we think our male escorts make the best companions. But we don't want you to just take our word for it! We've been asking our satisfied customers to tell us just why they book with Premier Male Escorts time and time again. 

Then (because we're a helpful bunch), we've turned their reasons into a list of the top 5 reasons why Premier Male Escorts are the best!


Hung Male Escort CarltonOur Guys Never Clock Watch

Perhaps the most important reasons for most of our clientele, they all agreed that our roster of sexy lads never clock-watch. For the uninitiated, this is when an escort is looking for your hour together to be up. It spoils the mood, destroys the connection and is frankly rude. However, you can rest assured that our fellas will be with you one hundred percent, there to enjoy your time together fully!


They're Always On Time

Look, escorts that aren't on time are not in the business long. People get tired of their tardiness, they don't get referred on by the agency and eventually the calls dry up. But at Premier Male Escorts, we have a hardcore team of timekeepers. Boys that understand where you want them and when, and make that happen. Otherwise they wouldn't be with us. It's that simple...


They're Recommended!

Ok, we need to take credit for this one ??

When you come and book one of our guys. Whether it's a straight, bisexual or gay escort, we always take the time to recommend a guy that suits you and your needs. Of course this goes further than sexual preference. We endeavour to recommend guys to you based on the precise services you are looking for and the feedback you have given us in the past. Yes, we do remember you!


They're, "Goddamn Sexy"Claudio Wet Tshirt Male Escort London

And that's a direct quote! 

To be a Premier Male Escort there are not many requirements really. We don't check A'level results - though, of course they're pretty well schooled in this department ??. No, it doesn't matter what their background is. Whether they've undertaken charity work in the past. What we need to know is are you hot and will our clients want to see you naked. Of course, we vet all of our escorts for fluency in English, and to see whether they will be compatible with you. But first of all, they need to have some hot buns and a big thick cock! Ain't that right?!


They're Openminded!

The thing about the guys we recommend is that they're here to please you. They want to make sure you book with them and us again after all! So they're keen to impress. That means that they're open to your requests. Whether you want a strong, buff escort to hold you tenderly throughout the night, or to watch as one of our hung escorts ploughs your partner... How gentle, or how rough you want it is up to you...


So there you have it! The top 5 reasons to book one of our Premier Male Escorts! They're pretty good reasons, even if we do say so ourselves. Fancy a gander at our rock hard rompers? Check our our newest male escorts in London here.



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